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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that is fitted to your teeth to protect badly damaged or cracked teeth. A crown strengthens your existing tooth to preserve its functionality and improves oral aesthetic.

A dental crown is an artificial, laboratory-constructed restoration that can replace three-quarters of the natural surface of the tooth, known as the tooth crown.

There are several types of dental crowns, varying accordingly with the material used to build it. This treatment requires at least two/three consultations, as the tooth needs to receive a preparatory treatment, the crown needs to be constructed in a laboratory and finally, the treatment can be completed when the crown is fitted in the patient’s tooth.

Porcelain Bonded Crown £600
Full Porcelain Crown (Emax) £700
Zirconia Crown £700
Post £100
Temporary Crown £180
Cementation £60

Consultation fee: £50* (intraoral X-Ray included)
Please note that the prices listed above may be subject to change. You will be adequately notified of any price adjustments before we start your treatment. Our dentists will always provide you with a detailed treatment plan.